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Mod Bettie is a Portrait Boutique offering a Contemporary Glamour, Boudoir and Retro styled photography experience complete with hair and makeup.


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We simplify the booking process with one package that you are able to customize to your ideal experience plus flexible payment plans on prints and products ordered after the shoot. Complete the section below to book a free consultation at our studio.

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Let's get one thing clear. True beauty comes from within. But when it comes to stepping out of our comfort zone, some of us could use a little help. Here at Mod Bettie, we believe every woman is a modern bombshell. Our goal is to empower you to feel confident, sexy and comfortable in your gorgeous skin!

The first step is getting you scheduled for a pre-shoot consultation where you can tour our studio and view sample products. There we will choose the date and talk about the style of your shoot, plus discuss all things wardrobe, props and glamour! You will arrive for your shoot with clean hair and a fresh face, ready to spend approximately one hour in hair and makeup before stepping in front of the camera. Our professional stylist will be by your side assisting our photographer in capturing all of your best angles. After the shoot we will schedule your ordering session where you will view your 25 best images for purchase. You will again have the opportunity to view sample products such as playing cards, leather bound albums, calendars and more. View some of our products available HERE.

Step into our office...

Come on ladies, do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Six unique Mod Bettie experiences to choose from...

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Ten Reasons to Book your Mod Bettie Portrait Session

1.    You’ve wanted to do something special for yourself lately.  Something different.
2.    You’d like to have a picture of you that reflects your inner beauty and femininity.
    A picture without a stiff, forced smile.
3.    You’ve been working so hard taking care of everyone around you.
    You deserve a day of pampering and beauty.
4.    You can’t remember the last time you felt AND looked beautiful.
5.    You need a little help finding your confidence and femininity again.
6.    You want a reason to wear a new dress.
7.    You want a reason to rock a new hairstyle.
8.    You’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be a model for a day.  
9.    You need to let loose.  Laugh.  Be yourself.  And get it in pictures so that you can have a reminder      
     that you are beautiful, and a light to others.
10.    You are looking for a unique gift for someone special.  Something beautiful and classy.