You can find our studio just south of downtown, in an old furniture factory at the corner of Hall & Godfrey. Want a behind-the-scenes tour?


Our props and wardrobe closet is best summed up with one word: outrageous. From lingerie to tulle, and flappers to rockabilly, we have sizes 0-28 at the ready. Need a leather whip made famous by the mistress dominatrix Bettie Page? We’ve got you covered. Lusting after that vintage dressing gown trimmed with plush marabou? We’ve got it. With our endless closet comes endless possibilities.


I'm Elise!

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I spent much of my 20’s in a frantic search for adventure as a Chicago location scout and producer for advertising, catalog and film shoots. I've ridden a camel across the Sahara, swam in a cage surrounded by sharks, and scouted for the perfect hot tub to fill with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I’m addicted to green juice, dying my hair, everything vintage, and the smell of new school supplies. I've spent years studying posing specific to the female body of every shape and size. I will coach you through every pose and movement like a boss and never leave you hanging!
In a society that puts a camera in every hand but is quick to shame the selfie, my mission is to create a safe and
supportive environment for female self expression. Empowering ALL women through photography is why what I do is so unique and special. It’s about so much more than a simple portrait, it’s about self awareness and self love. Join me in a movement to #existinphotos.



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Meet Hair and Makeup Artist Jennifer Bartlett

With music and fashion the pinnacle of Jennifer's inspiration, her art in makeup and hair continuously evolves with time. Ranging from cutting edge, modern styles to the classic vision of true femininity, she aspires to reach every dynamic possible to offer a vision unique to each look.

It all began in middle school when Jennifer’s desire to stand out from the crowd drove her to find her creativity in the world of beauty. Amongst her time on stage and behind the camera from childhood and through college, she developed her craft in makeup and hairstyling and received her cosmetology license in 2009. These days, she spends her time not only in the salon but also traveling around the state to enhance the beauty of her clients. She has a feverish desire to share her passion of music with her band and in her spare time, you can usually find her drooling over popcorn and puppies or writing music with her husband.

Jennifer loves social media! Feel free to follow along and send her some love!





Instagram/Twitter: @JenniferTitans

Videographer/ Blogger/ Photographer

Meet Hayley Sikorski

Hayley is a photography student at Kendall College of Art and Design. Drawing most of her inspiration from fashion and cinema (especially retro) she pays close attention to detail, narrative, and authenticity in her work. That goes for the selfies she takes with her cats, too. And when she’s not holding a camera or a cat, she’s probably binge-watching some cheesy-yet-addictive TV show. Her talents include: marginally cool tricks using a hula hoop, memorizing movie monologues (and never failing to recite them at parties) and ALWAYS winning a game of Six Degrees of Separation… (also mostly at parties. Sorry, not sorry.)

            At a young age, Hayley was exposed to the great pin-up artists like Gil Elvgren and Peter Driben, and also to some of her very first role models, Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. It started with collages of ripped out pages from pin-up magazines and books, taped on her bedroom wall, each piece picked and placed carefully. And now, Hayley works at Mod Bettie, a portrait boutique specializing in pin-up, and always channeling that passion she had putting those collages together a decade before, carefully picking and placing still, but now with real-life amazing, beautiful, inspiring women. Finding Mod Bettie felt like more than a dream come true for Hayley. It felt like destiny.