Motivation Monday: Kim Trathen

Meet Kim—the fierce, hard working, gorgeous woman who just might change your life.

Who is the woman behind Kim Trathen Coaching? She’s a West Michigan native, a hard worker, a business owner, a mother of three young boys, a loving wife, and so much more. As you can imagine, she’s a busy lady.

"I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit." 

Over the years, Trathen has run her own fitness classes, started a nonprofit, and considered a number of other small business ideas (including opening a small art boutique, a custom t-shirt shop, an eCommerce store, and a French fry cart). She had so many ideas for her own businesses, but there was one thing that continued to get in the way: fear.

"I finally reached a point where my fear of REGRET was much larger than my fear of FAILURE."

Trathen became an advocate for women’s interests through her work with Safe Haven Ministries following the loss of a friend due to domestic violence in 2010. She developed a passion for supporting women, which led to the launch of Kim Trathen Coaching. The business became the perfect way for her to combine her professional knowledge with her desire to help aspiring female entrepreneurs.

"You know how so many women are stuck in the corporate world, hating their jobs, but too afraid to give up the paycheck that goes with it? My mission is to help these women move from employee to entrepreneur by helping them launch or grow their online service-based businesses. I help these women turn their passions into profits to create the freedom filled lifestyle they desire."    

What can Kim help you with? 

  • Kim Trathen Coaching offers a variety of services for women at all levels in their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Each client receives a custom package tailored to her needs.

  • if you haven't already launched your business, Trathen helps you take the business from an idea to fully launched by working through the technicalities of defining your ideal client, validating your business idea, your social media presence, creating your website and securing your first client.

  • Whether you're ready to elevate your existing business, or turn a business idea into a reality, it's time to create a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Kim Trathen Coaching would love to offer the Mod Bettie readers a free 30 minute coaching call to talk about your business dreams, goals, or a struggle you're currently dealing with.

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"There are so many amazing women that have, and continue to, grace this planet."

Kim Trathen + Mod Bettie = Instant Love

Trathen began her search for a photographer with a specific vision in mind—branding photos are especially important for online businesses, and Kim needed a photographer who could portray the "high vibe, energetic, and fun side" of herself and her business that she was looking for.

When Kim stumbled across Mod Bettie's images, she was instantly in love. Both Kim Trathen Coaching and Mod Bettie share a mission of female empowerment, and Kim was quickly certain that Elise was her "soul mate photographer."   


Kim's advice to the woman who dreams of launching her own business….

  1. One of the biggest fears women have when launching a business is that they don’t think they know enough to charge for their services. But, you don’t need to be at an expert level to help others. You are completely qualified to serve the woman who is a half-step behind you. Your knowledge is valuable to others.

  2. You will hear outside negativity from others telling you why your idea won’t work. But, remember – so often the people telling you you’re crazy to launch your own business are the ones that were too afraid to pursue their own dreams.

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