Personal branding.
Perfectly you.

Stuffy headshots need not apply.
(We’re looking at you, guy who’s smiling stiffly
into the camera with today’s breakfast smeared
across his tie.) Your new idea is unique, dynamic,
and bold. Your photo should be too. (#science)


When it comes to personal branding do NOT be afraid to show your style! Please review the magazines below to help you decide what is best to wear for your particular needs. Feel free to bring more than you think you’ll need and we can help you narrow down what will help you look your best. Layers are a great option and will go a long way. A dress with a blazer or sweater over it can create two looks in one. Always choose things that are more form fitting and avoid anything baggy. Don’t be afraid of prints either! It’s a great way to show some personality and fun through your images. Opt for pops of color to really showcase your brand!


Check out our Personal Branding online magazine below...


Need help choosing what to wear? Read through our style guide below for tips on what to bring!

Give the video below a little click to see behind the scenes with Paige at her Personal Branding session!