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Happy Mother's Day!

Oh hello, darling.

I'm Elise!

I am a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago spent much of my 20’s in a frantic search for adventure as a Chicago location scout and producer for advertising, catalog and film shoots. I've ridden a camel across the Sahara, swam in a cage surrounded by sharks, and scouted for the perfect hot tub to fill with hot chocolate and marshmallows. In a society that puts a camera in every hand but is quick to shame the selfie, my mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for female self expression. Join me in a movement to #existinphotos.

This is Victoria and her two loves. A fellow mompreneur and the fierce talent behind the fabulous tulle skirts that we just love styling in our shoots!


Winner of her school spelling bee, this fifth grader placed 6th at the Grand Rapids regionals competing against middle-schoolers! She's incredibly smart and beautiful both inside and out.


This sassy third grader might just say see ya fourth grade and go right on to fifth! No seriously, skip that grade! She will also be joining her sister in their very first 5k at Girls on the Run in a couple weeks. 

Hair and Makeup byJennifer Bartlett.

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This is beautiful.


She came to us looking for some personal branding images and left feeling like the star that she is. I loved getting to know her, talking all about life as working moms. This woman is the epitome of sassy, classy and a little bad assy. We captured such a wide variety of her personality and hope she will look back on these and always remember the way she felt that day. I have no doubt that her little girl will cherish her quinceañera portraits forever and share them with her children some day.

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. You are most fun to be around and oh that smile!

and then we turned up the heat.

Sometimes we just don't know where our shoots will take us, but Rosie knew she wanted to celebrate her weight loss journey in an equally empowering way. Man did she KILL it! I think my favorite part of all is that she wanted these images for herself. Something to remind her of how sexy she feels and show her how beautiful she is.