family photography

Out with the Old and in with the New... Year

Our first family portrait. What was I thinking? No seriously, what the hell was I thinking? I thought it would be a piece of cake to take our own. I’d just set up the tripod and use a remote, we’d be in and out in 30 minutes. Well, we were definitely out in 30 minutes with Tuck and I both in tears. He was teething and having a meltdown and I was devastated that we didn’t get ONE decent photo of our family. I couldn’t believe how upset it was making me either. But time out. Of course our 11 month old wasn’t going to smile and sit pretty for some contraption on a stick! Again, what the hell was I thinking? Why was this bothering me so much? I was so busy planning other people’s shoots and just didn’t think this one through. Borrowed a dress from a client I photographed the day before, hit up Target that morning for Tuck’s outfit, and made Mr. Bettie’s out of things we found in his closet. Jennifer came over early to doll me up, which was such an incredible feeling since most days I spend obsessing about losing baby weight instead of focusing on how amazing my body is after creating a human being. That’s it. That must be why I was so emotional about the whole damn thing. Most of our photos since Tuck was born are of him and his daddy. I wasn’t ready to be in front of the camera. But this day I finally felt well enough, and Tuck did not get the memo. I’m a photographer, we are supposed to have the best family photo around. I can’t fail at this! It took a few days for me to finally go through the images and when I did we had more laughs than I expected and got more than just ONE that I loved. I realized I had completely missed the point of the whole experience. Our photo didn’t have to be perfect it just had to be us. Something we could look back on when we are old and grey. That’s ALL it’s about. A memory. Next year I’ll plan better, perhaps even hire someone! But for now, even if they aren't perfect, this is what we looked like in 2015…


A HUGE heartfelt thank you to everyone that has supported me and ModB this past year. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and hoping it's your best year yet! And to all you moms out there, remember to Exist in photos. It's so incredibly important to share with your little's. LOVE YOURSELF. Even if just a little at first, the rest will come.