Motivation Monday: Angela Hill

Meet Angela—world traveler, minimalist, veteran, foodie, business owner, and don’t forget breathtaking Bettie!

Born in Texas, Angela moved to Michigan at a young age. She studied Spanish at Saginaw Valley State University, and upon graduation chose to follow in the footsteps of many in her family by joining the Navy. She wanted to serve her country and see the world. Based in DC, she went into intelligence and held both a military and a civilian career at the same time. She worked in various industries, in embassies, and she traveled to support federal operations.

Longing to utilize her creative side, she used her GI Bill to go back to school for interior design, and in 2015 she returned to Michigan to utilize her analytical skills working within the manufacturing industry as an analyst. During this time, Angela and her brother had started operations on a new company, Jadex, an IT consulting firm, which has grown into a full-time career.


"Women represent 11 percent of the IT field, this is a problem. I want to help women feel empowered in that space and promote leadership for women in IT."


Jadex is a woman, veteran, and minority owned business that teaches companies how to design their data and optimize their technology. Angela saw a gap in the way companies adopt technology, and she’s passionate about helping businesses be aware of national security threats and protect their data.


"Most businesses struggle with information management, resulting in missed opportunities for sharing, collaboration, and forecasting insights."


Angela has also created a group on MeetUp (an app that helps people organize around common interests) called Women and Tech-Grand Rapids. The group encourages networking amongst women in technology where they can voice their concerns and get involved in the community.


What services does Jadex offer? 


Through the use of Microsoft Powerapps, learn to create apps with your own data without the need of coding. Build collaborative sites with SharePoint Online to manage content for your employees.


Using penetration tests and other assessments, Jadex can identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your business’s network infrastructures. Jadex can also help your business with compliance, audits, and risks in accordance with the National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST).


Intelligence experts at Jadex can take your company’s unorganized data and configure it into mapping, dashboards, analytics, and visualizations. Jadex incorporates government standards for gathering data.


Redesign your structured and unstructured data sources with Jadex; glean new insights and form connections with data analytics.


Jadex can provide partial or complete support for a number of services. Whether your business is looking to supplement an existing IT Team or you’re in need of full support for your systems, Jadex can help.


The experts at Jadex can help your company invest in the future. Learn the skills needed to understand advanced technologies and how to put those skills into practice in your company’s work environment.


Angela meets Mod B

Angela found Mod Bettie through a work friend, and from the moment she saw Elise’s photographs, she fell in love. She loved that every woman Elise photographed appeared empowered and authentically true in her own skin.

Elise was awesome—she really made me feel confident with my body.”  


“I try to find something to be grateful for every day. Life’s more beautiful that way.”


Get Connected!

Angela’s suggested networking groups for women:


“Inforum is the only professional organization in Michigan—and one of the few in the country—that combines strategic connections, proven professional development programs, a respected forum for new ideas, and original research to accelerate careers for women and boost talent initiatives for companies.”


“Our mission is to empower women to build purpose driven successful businesses that allow them to live an enriched life and contribute to the world. We do this through business and mindset education, practical application steps, and deep connection networking.”

Angela’s Reading Picks:


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Motivation Monday: Lauren Zulli

Lauren: the stunner with an eclectic soul, a love for the universe, and a passion for living connected.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Lauren lived and studied in several states before settling in Michigan over seven years ago. During her undergrad, she fostered a curiosity for the intricacies of the universe, studying Applied Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy. Continuing along that route, she moved to Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in mathematics and came to the realization that while mathematics is a universal language connecting us all to nature, she felt disconnected to her current path.

Making the difficult decision to halt her studies, Lauren moved back to Pennsylvania to reevaluate her plans and passions. She considered her true interests and how she could integrate them: the environment, people, connections, and design. All of these interests came together through sustainable design, and Lauren followed a new path to Duquesne University where she completed her MBA in Sustainability. She has since worked in Virginia and Michigan helping organizations push their sustainability strategy, before ultimately starting her own business as HOLOS Coaching & Consulting.


"This is such an amazing gift that we’ve been given—to have connected consciousness. The question then remains—how do we plan to use it?"


HOLOS means whole in Greek, and wholeness is the core of Lauren’s lifestyle and business model. She believes that we come into the world as complete beings, and after existing with her life in partitions for many years, she has a renewed focus on honing the gifts of health and wellness that she has been given. She strives to redesign her relationships and eliminate those things that no longer encourage her to live her best life.


"I felt like the world told us that we had to identify with one way of being—that’s it—but we are everything and nothing all at once."


The mission of HOLOS is to inspire and empower individual and organizational wellbeing through integrating and embodying wholeness. HOLOS believes wholeness is living as your truest self—authentically and connected. It’s about the intersections of our humanness + beingness and that we are all one, complete and part of the grander system.


What services does HOLOS offer? 


  • Private one-on-one yoga sessions + mindfulness coaching

  • Whole-Being Coaching

  • Authentic Leadership Coaching


  • Group + Team yoga, mindfulness, and meditation sessions + program development 

  • Group + Team Conscious Culture Coaching 

  • Conscious Leadership Coaching & Development


  • Individual, Group, and 360 Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Core Values + Unique Strengths Assessment 

  • Whole-Being Assessment


  • Workshops combine knowledge, tools, and exercised to stimulate interactive group learning.

  • Conferences drive a motivational agenda through movement, stillness, or learning.

  • Retreats combine nourishment, movement, and personal development to explore our mind-body connection. Locations and dates to be released mid-November

    Curious how coaching can work for you? Book your complimentary 60-minute session to find out!


Lauren + Mod B

Lauren discovered Mod Bettie through a women’s networking group, and she was immediately struck by the idea of getting in front of the camera. She had always been uncomfortable with being photographed, but when she met Elise, she felt relaxed. She booked the first of several sessions and never looked back.

“As a petite woman I struggled being behind the camera until I embraced my uniqueness.”  


Lauren’s Suggested Reading:


Lauren’s Podcast Picks:

On Being with Krista Tippet

Tribe of Mentors with Tim Ferris

Tara Brach Podcast

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Motivation Monday: Anna VanAgtmael

Oh, hello Anna! Meet the gorgeous boss babe who has literally done it all.

Scientist turned yoga instructor? That's just the beginning; Anna has always been a practical gal, and from a young age she had aspirations to go into medicine. Motivated and hardworking, she held a full-time job while also studying full-time at Michigan State University.  After graduating, she earned a spot as a lab manager at a small biotech company in Grand Rapids and stayed there for the past six years. But then...  


"I woke up and had the realization that I had everything that I thought I wanted but none of it was actually making me happy."


Three years ago, bored with the repetitive routine of her lab work, Anna made a commitment to practice yoga every day for a year. With a renewed focus on self-care, she felt everything shift. The truly life-changing moment came when Anna signed up for yoga instruction classes and realized she could help people through yoga and travel. She made a plan to quit her job and launch Wandering Roots, a place for self-care through yoga, travel, and retreats—a place to check out of work and in with yourself.  


"I'm really passionate about yoga and travel; I feel the most connected to myself when I'm traveling and on my mat."


Anna's mission is to help remove the obstacles that prevent you from living your best life. Having spent so much of her adult life going through the motions of work without passion or drive, she wants to help others turn away from that monotony. Through Wandering Roots, she can provide the time and resources for people who are intimidated by travel to get away with ease. 

Anna 1.jpg

What services does Wandering Roots offer? 


  • Pop-Up Yoga: Hosted at Fight 2 Get Fit (Check here for current pop-up schedule and locations)

  • Private Yoga Classes for those who may be just beginning their yoga journey, who may not feel comfortable practicing yoga around others, or who just want one-on-one training.

  • Special Event Yoga: A tailored yoga event to highlight birthdays, fundraisers, corporate wellness, bachelorette parties, or any other occasion.


  • Are you motivated to travel but don't have the time to plan a getaway?

  • Are you dying to take a dream vacay but don't know where to start?

  • Are you looking to travel with a large group but struggling to find accommodations and activities to satisfy everyone?


  • Retreat activities are curated to provide a fun, engaging, and relaxing environment

  • All activities are suggested and absolutely nothing is required of you.

  • Choose your own adventure—whether you participate in everything or nothing.

"Most people take care of themselves last. The majority of us think it's selfish to spend time or money on ourselves. It's not."

Anna 2.jpg

Anna + Mod B

Anna talked herself out of scheduling a shoot with Elise for two years before pushing outside her comfort zone and going for it. During her first two years practicing yoga, Anna decided she would say "yes" to everything she wanted to do despite the fear. 

"I felt so empowered by the shoot and when I got to see my images. It was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself!"  



Upcoming Events:

Banff Retreat

 Oct 7-11

This trip includes accommodations, yoga, meditation, hiking, hot springs, park admission, transportation to and from planned activities and Calgary International (YYC) airport, and most meals.

Body & Mind Workshop

Sep 23

Thirty minutes of WERQ followed by forty-five minutes of yoga and meditation. Stay for a goal setting workshop discussing how to successfully set attainable goals to finish 2018 strong.

Yoga @ Fight 2 Get Fit

Various Dates

Click here for details


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#ManCrushMonday: BJ

Did you know ModBettie does personal branding shoots for men too?! Gasp! Of course, when you have a subject as cool as BJ Johnson, you know you're going to capture some great shots.


BJ Johnson is a tattoo artist, tattoo machine builder, metal smith, and mixed media artist. He's always been passionate about making things and has dabbled in many creative fields over the years. Tattooing and machine building is the area he's stuck with the longest and where he focuses most of his energy.  


"It really has never mattered what it is, I just have always felt the need to create."

BJ 1.jpg

BJ began his tattooing career in 1997 working out of the original Purple East building. Since then, he has worked in and owned a number of other shops. Today he shares his own private space, GreenLion Studios with his wife Jill (check out Jill's ModB experience here).  

GreenLion contains space for tattoos by appointment, a metals workshop where BJ creates tattoo machines and small metal sculptures, a gallery, and space for yoga classes taught by Jill.   

BJ 2.jpg

"I am inspired by anyone who is creating something with passion."


BJ found ModBettie through his wife, Jill, and he loved how the photos from her shoot had turned out. He was on the hunt for some current photography of his art and workspace to update his website and social media. Like many of us, he wasn't super keen on having his own photo taken.


"I was still apprehensive about having my pictures done, but Elise made it so fun!"


Connect with BJ:

BJ on IG // GreenLion Studios on IG

Facebook // Website

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Motivation Monday: Jillian Johnson

Here's Jill—inspiring life coach, energized yoga instructor, and stunning boss Bettie

A Grand Rapids native, Jill has known she wanted to help others for most of her life. After college, Jill put most of her focus into being the best parent she could be and her work as a dental hygienist. While she loved working with people, learning their stories, and making them feel comfortable through her work as a hygienist, she wanted to help people in a more directed way, and thus, her interest in life coaching was born.   


"I chose life coaching, because in my own life what had been most helpful for my growth was courageous action, and to me that is what coaching is—courageous action."

Following her certification in life coaching, Jill fell into yoga and realized it was the physical component she wanted to offer alongside her coaching services, and a year later she received her Registered Yoga Teacher 200 certification. 

"Jillian J Coaching came out of me wanting to provide the services of life coaching and yoga with my own personal spin on them."

Jill believes that our society lacks support for people to put themselves first, and she wants to change that. Within her coaching and yoga classes, Jill puts an emphasis on creating a path to turn your life around and end the suffering that comes with neglecting oneself. 


What sort of services does Jillian J Coaching offer? 

  • Weekly Yoga Classes: "I guide you through this union by offering small, intimate, vinyasa classes that give you space to breathe, move and connect to yourself in an authentic way."

  • Private Yoga Classes for those who may be just beginning their yoga journey, who may not feel comfortable practicing yoga around others yet, or who just want one-on-one training.

  • Single Coaching Sessions for clarity on a specific situation.

  • Insightful Action Package: A four-session journey to start on your path to a life that feels more free, connected, and mindful.

  • Enneagram Personality Test: Jill is trained through the Enneagram Institute and can administer the test to help those wanting to get to know themselves deeper.

"I am flexible with working with people where they are and creating sessions and programs for individual needs instead of a 'one size fits all' format."

"I find inspiration in anyone who is on the path to living an authentic life based on reality rather than social conditioning. "

Jillian J + Mod B

Jill first met Elise when the Mod Bettie diva came to Jillian J Coaching for a bit of life guidance, and the relationship grew when Jill purchased a generational photoshoot package for her mom's birthday. Jill loved the Mod Bettie experience that she shared with her daughter and her mom, and had to come back for her personal branding. 

"Elise made all of us feel like there was no one else more beautiful ... We felt so special."  



Jill's advice to the woman who needs confidence to make a big life change:

  1. Remember that change is difficult, and know that change is a process that continues even after you've decided to do something.

  2. "If you can allow and prepare for you brain to try to work against the next big move then you will have more success in the long run."

  3. Coaching will help with staying resilient; "A life coach is someone who will walk alongside you and has no preconceived notions of what you should or shouldn’t do like a well meaning friend or family member can."

"Trust yourself, believe in you and MOVE FORWARD! "


Jill's Inspirational Reading Picks:


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#WomanCrushWednesday: Allie

Spring has finally made it and it's heating up both outside and inside the Mod Bettie Studio! It's time to shed those sweaters... and the shirts... and the pants... just take it all off and lie around in your lingerie all day—what could be better?


"I’ve never noticed such a rapid change in my confidence."


Spring feels like new beginnings—it's the time of year for rebirth, new growth, and celebration. Celebrate the warmth of the sun on your skin after so many months of snow, and celebrate that stunning skin of yours! This is the time to do something exciting, something out of your comfort zone, and what could possibly be more exciting than loving yourself, and showing off how beautiful you are? 


"I was so nervous to be flinging myself seductively on a bed and having pictures taken of not just my face but my body!


"When she showed me a glimpse of the photos, that’s when I was like, 'oh yeah, this is bomb'".


 "The first thing that comes to mind when I tell people about the experience was Elise’s smile, and that she made it feel so casual and easy to relax."


The time is here—celebrate you!

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Motivation Monday: CJ Devries

Say hello to CJ—the most empowered, passionate, and glamorous business gal you'll meet.  

When you talk to CJ Devries, her passion for business and marketing is ever-present and infectious. Originally from sunny Florida, she wound up in West Michigan through Grand Valley State University and fell in love with the city of Grand Rapids. Today, she is the owner of GRNow (a website sharing local events, restaurants, things to do, etc.) and Innovative Social Exchange—a creative Grand Rapids marketing firm. 

"Marketing is an obsession, so I think of creating events all the time." 

GRNow is about eleven years old, but CJ only just recently took control of the site—having utilized the site in the past through various clients, she saw potential in expanding GRNow's resources, and she wanted to create more original content. She felt that Grand Rapids was lacking a place to showcase all of the awesome events and off-the-grid places that locals frequent, and GRNow seemed like the perfect place to build an event-based social atmosphere. 

If you're looking to advertise or have an idea for an event contact CJ at 

"It’s okay to not be perfect all the time."

Devries is excited about working with more women in her industry, and she wants to see more badass Girl Bosses around her. She looks up to women like Dawn Baker—women who despite how much they have on their plates, handle everything with poise. CJ strives to always be calm, cool, and collected.   

What sorts of services does Innovative Social Exchange offer? 

  • Promotional Staffing, including hiring, training, scheduling, and payment.

  • Event Marketing with emphasis on planning, marketing materials and implementation, and event staffing,

  • Social Media Management: "From blogging to re-tweeting, Innovative Social Exchange has the content posted during the right times of day that gets noticed by your customers"

  • Social Media content creation, post scheduling, finding trending stories, video/photo content, and graphic design.

"From homegrown events to elitist night-outs, Innovative Social Exchange can create an experience that will be talked about for years to come."


"This is a really male dominated industry—we need to realize that we’re worth it. "

CJ Devries & Mod Bettie = Perfection

When it comes to running your own business, online presence is crucial, and effective personal branding is a top priority. Not only can you use your photos for social media, websites, print, business cards, magazines, and for personal use, but the right photographer can help you foster confidence and self-esteem that will radiate from your photos and draw in the clientele you're searching for. 

CJ found Mod Bettie through a mutual friend, and could quickly see that Elise was a phenomenal badass. Always a bit self-conscious, CJ is naturally picky, but throughout her photoshoot with Mod Bettie, she wouldn't have changed a thing. 

"Elise is an amazing person, and you have so much fun with her. The team she puts together is so good at what they do, and when you're liking the photos before they're even edited, you know the photographer is talented." 



CJ's advice to the woman trying to make it in a male dominated industry:

  1. Always be looking at what's happening in your field—read something everyday related to the industry.

  2. If you listened to what everyone else says, the world would not have half of the things we have today, and remember that failing often is how we learn.

  3. Find someone who is younger than you to be your mentor—understand that we can learn things from all age groups, not just those who are older than us.

CJ's Motivational Reading Picks:


Connect With CJ Devries:


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Testimonial Tuesday: Jessica VanderLaan

Hey lovely! This glamorous babe is here to show us what a little Me Time can do...

If Jessica can find the time to spend a day getting dolled up and celebrating herself, anyone can. This busy gal hails from a small farm town in West Michigan and couldn't stay away from that happy rural ambiance as she now lives on her grandparent's farm nearby. She works her booty off (figuratively) as a 911 Dispatcher and also (literally) taking pole fitness classes at Flirt Fitness

"I look up to any woman... who is not afraid to be a badass bitch."

Jessica found Mod Bettie through word of mouth—several friends from Flirt Fitness had shoots, and Jessica soon wanted one of her own. She had a blast throughout her session, and she was anxious to see the final photos. As a hard working woman, Jessica devotes much of her time to her work as a dispatcher, so taking a moment for herself was refreshing.

"It was nice to have this moment just for me to feel special." 


Despite the fact that Jessica's hectic schedule doesn't allow a ton of wiggle room for hobbies and free time, she tries to enjoy as much Me Time as she can get, and her Mod Bettie photoshoot was exactly what she needed to celebrate her fabulous and sexy self.


Catch Jessica on Instagram @jessica_rae4

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Motivation Monday: Kim Trathen

Meet Kim—the fierce, hard working, gorgeous woman who just might change your life.

Who is the woman behind Kim Trathen Coaching? She’s a West Michigan native, a hard worker, a business owner, a mother of three young boys, a loving wife, and so much more. As you can imagine, she’s a busy lady.

"I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit." 

Over the years, Trathen has run her own fitness classes, started a nonprofit, and considered a number of other small business ideas (including opening a small art boutique, a custom t-shirt shop, an eCommerce store, and a French fry cart). She had so many ideas for her own businesses, but there was one thing that continued to get in the way: fear.

"I finally reached a point where my fear of REGRET was much larger than my fear of FAILURE."

Trathen became an advocate for women’s interests through her work with Safe Haven Ministries following the loss of a friend due to domestic violence in 2010. She developed a passion for supporting women, which led to the launch of Kim Trathen Coaching. The business became the perfect way for her to combine her professional knowledge with her desire to help aspiring female entrepreneurs.

"You know how so many women are stuck in the corporate world, hating their jobs, but too afraid to give up the paycheck that goes with it? My mission is to help these women move from employee to entrepreneur by helping them launch or grow their online service-based businesses. I help these women turn their passions into profits to create the freedom filled lifestyle they desire."    

What can Kim help you with? 

  • Kim Trathen Coaching offers a variety of services for women at all levels in their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Each client receives a custom package tailored to her needs.

  • if you haven't already launched your business, Trathen helps you take the business from an idea to fully launched by working through the technicalities of defining your ideal client, validating your business idea, your social media presence, creating your website and securing your first client.

  • Whether you're ready to elevate your existing business, or turn a business idea into a reality, it's time to create a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Kim Trathen Coaching would love to offer the Mod Bettie readers a free 30 minute coaching call to talk about your business dreams, goals, or a struggle you're currently dealing with.

kim 3.jpg

"There are so many amazing women that have, and continue to, grace this planet."

Kim Trathen + Mod Bettie = Instant Love

Trathen began her search for a photographer with a specific vision in mind—branding photos are especially important for online businesses, and Kim needed a photographer who could portray the "high vibe, energetic, and fun side" of herself and her business that she was looking for.

When Kim stumbled across Mod Bettie's images, she was instantly in love. Both Kim Trathen Coaching and Mod Bettie share a mission of female empowerment, and Kim was quickly certain that Elise was her "soul mate photographer."   


Kim's advice to the woman who dreams of launching her own business….

  1. One of the biggest fears women have when launching a business is that they don’t think they know enough to charge for their services. But, you don’t need to be at an expert level to help others. You are completely qualified to serve the woman who is a half-step behind you. Your knowledge is valuable to others.

  2. You will hear outside negativity from others telling you why your idea won’t work. But, remember – so often the people telling you you’re crazy to launch your own business are the ones that were too afraid to pursue their own dreams.

Kim's Helpful Reading Picks:


Connect With Kim Trathen:


Kim Trathen Coaching



Click the video below for a Behind the Scenes look at our Personal Branding Session!

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