What happens when summer is here but 'that' summer body isn't?

Imagine this with me for a minute... it's a beautiful summer day you are surrounded by friends/family/strangers on the beach. Working it in a fabulous new bathing suit you love. You're laughing, smiling, and genuinely feeling happy. It's been a few hours now.. you have laughed so hard that your mouth hurts. So many beautiful memories are made and you're so tired with a butt crack full of sand on the walk back to the car simply grateful. Have you ever had a beach experience like this?

Wardrobe from  Naughty Bettie

Wardrobe from Naughty Bettie

A beach experience where you don't compare your body to the younger beautiful women or handsome men that you see and envy. A beach experience where you don't degrade your body. A beach experience where you think that every single time that someone looks in your direction it's in disgust at your body and them thinking "I'm glad I don't look like that." A beach experience where you bend over to make a sand castle and don’t give a flying fuck whether your tummy is hanging over your the bottoms of your bathing suit. A beach experience where chase someone around with a bucket filled with water and parts of your body wiggle, bounce, flail about but that doesn't cross your mind once because you spilled water right on your target person. A beach experience where you don't say or think comments like " they shouldn't be wearing that"... " she is way too pretty for him"..."oh my God she is way too skinny I can see her spine.." or '' I would give anything to look like that"...These are all examples of things that I have done, thought, or heard from others. Guys,  with 100% certainty I know I am not alone in this.

Wardrobe from  Naughty Bettie

Wardrobe from Naughty Bettie

    It's heartbreaking to think that most of us have never had one of those beach days. One that was full of just living and breathing in our body. Simply existing because life can be really beautiful. Since as long as I can remember we have been taught according to society what type of body is acceptable at a beach. Which is only bodies that achieve ‘that beach body' are allowed to fully enjoy the beach in its entirety. All others are subjected to ridicule and shame. I am here to call bullshit. I have wasted years of my life stuck inside my own head wishing away and adding parts to my body for someone else's version of acceptable. I say it’s about damn time we started living our lives without apologizing for not meeting some bullshit standard of beauty. One that is designed to make us hate ourselves so businesses can sell us a “fix” to make us feel worthy of enjoying experiences like the beach. Because when we look back on our lives and all of the trips we had to the beach I want those memories full of laughing, breathing deeply, napping, eating, playing, dancing, smiling, and not giving a DAMN about how we look doing it. Because what happens when summer is here and 'that' summer body isn't? Then you say "fuck 'that' summer body, summer is going to thrive with THIS body."

Wardrobe from  Naughty Bettie

Wardrobe from Naughty Bettie

  If someone judges you or ridicules you for enjoying yourselves living this one amazing life because you don't have 'that' body that says a fucking LOT about them, it has NOTHING to do with you. They can also kiss 'THIS' ass. This summer is for embracing and not giving a fuck what other people think.

xoxo p.s you are always enough xoxo   

                     Lisa Marie

Wardrobe from  Iconoclasp  from  Naughty Bettie

Wardrobe from Iconoclasp from Naughty Bettie


Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Wilson. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to share one of my greatest passions with all of you. I am a mother of two strong and beautiful girls. I am the wife of an amazing man. I am an advocate for mental health awareness. I am a body positivity activist. We live in a society that profits off self-doubt and insecurity. Our appearance is held to a higher standard than who we are as people. We are taught from a young age we must be attractive in order to be successful. We see TV actors and magazine covers who we idolize as what we should strive to look like. I use my voice to teach and encourage change. This is your LIFE, spending it missing moments or torturing your bodies to be accepted by others is not how it’s meant to be lived. We must change the narrative. We deserve to feel comfortable in our bodies, to have peace about the vessel that lets us experience this life.





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