Welcome to our newest makeup maven: Izzy!


Izzy, a Grand Rapids native, graduated from the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in 2010. She has eight years of experience in the beauty industry, currently working out of a salon in the downtown area.

Izzy recalls that one of her earliest experiences with makeup was her mother dressing her up as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra for the Halloween of 1995. (You NEED to see that photo! Check out her Insta.)  Her mom took out one velvety, olive-green eyeshadow and then one that was starry blue...and Izzy was mesmerized. Having discovered her raiding the makeup drawer, Izzy’s Grandmother gave her her first lipstick, a cheerful coral in a small embroidered box.

Makeup became something truly magical for Izzy.  She would carefully watch her mother in the bathroom mirror getting ready for the evening, in awe of the perfect charcoal lines she would draw around her eyes--a mysterious and captivating ritual.

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As life progressed, Izzy’s own image would become another medium for self-expression. She became involved with theater, wanting to perform.  However, she often found herself behind the scenes, designing for characters and applying makeup. As her love of cinema and theater grew, it sparked her interest to pursue a career in cosmetology. The fierceness it gave the women in her life, and the way incandescent chameleons like David Bowie could create an intense presence with just a look, were part of that spark. But nothing moves Izzy more than using her talents to help other women see the beauty in themselves - beauty that has always been there. She hopes she can inspire a little magic for them, too.

Izzy played roller derby for 3.5 years with Grand Raggidy under the derby name Sally Forth. In 2014 she also skated in the Artprize installation “Join Me in a Land That Knows No End” by the TM Sisters, an artist duo out of Miami. (The pictures are of her in gold with a painted face!)

Izzy briefly dabbled in pin-up, however, she enjoys the style and fashion of all eras. Costumes allow her to branch out with hair and makeup. She loves to put them together, embellishing pieces that she’s found while also making accessories and props.

As a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Izzy is currently learning the rest of Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) form.  Drawing and painting are a couple of her other passions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izabella.zavana

Instagram: www.instagram.com/grin.barrette

Website: https://www.ivmuahgr.com/

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