10 Ways to Celebrate Mom

Here at Mod B we're all about celebrating Mamas this Mother's Day—whether that means your mom or yourself! This list is packed with nice things to do for mom or for you (because it's extra important to throw some self-love and recognition towards your own badass self on this very special day).


1. Book a Mod Bettie Shoot!

What better way to celebrate you and your little ones than to get dolled up and make memories that will last forever—plus you'll have the photos to look back on for years to come! Mod Bettie offers two Mother's Day sessions: Mom & Me for you and your loved ones, or Just For Mom—the best way to enjoy a little Me Time and really let down your hair. Click here for more details!

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For your Grandmother.

For your fiance.

For your sister.

For your Bestie.

For your girlfriend.


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2. Make a Card

When was the last time you made a card for your mom—not bought, but made one? Middle school? Making a card is sweet and nostalgic. Not only does it show that you preplanned, but you actually took the time to sit down and make something just for her. Plus, the message is always more personal and specific. One cute idea is "50 Things I Love About You" which I will say takes some creativity, but the outcome is darling and might even make mom cry (tears of joy of course)!


3. Book a Getaway Weekend

If you're in West Michigan this year, a getaway sounds especially nice right now—where's Spring hiding? Weather aside, a getaway for yourself, or for you and mom, is a fun gift that doesn't necessarily have to fall on Mother's Day itself. Pick a nice Bed & Breakfast and take a weekend off! It doesn't need to be far away or exotic, just a couple of days where you don't have to do any work, and you can relax and bond with your loved ones.  


4. Plan a Day of Relaxation

Plan an at-home Spa Day for yourself, for you and mom, or your little ones too! Sugar scrubs, chapsticks, and candles make fun homemade gifts and activities, and why not plan an entire day around it! Combine the fun of crafting with the perks of self-care, and try not to make too much of a mess (but if you do, it's all part of the fun). 


5. Buy a New Outfit

A hot dress, some Boss Babe slacks, a set of slinky lingerie—treat yourself to something new that makes you feel as sexy and as amazing as you are! Mother's Day is the perfect time to appreciate all that you've done and thank yourself with something that's just for you. Go alone, or bring a group of Hot Mamas in your life for a day of self-appreciation!

6. Sign Up For a Class

We all have that one thing that we've always wanted to try, and whether you haven't gotten around to it, or you've been too afraid, this is your sign to just do it! Always wanted voice lessons? Want to try pole dancing, or painting, or knitting, or social media marketing for your small business dream? Whatever it is, take a class! Maybe its something for just you, or maybe you want to sign up with your mother or children—whatever it is, give yourself the gift of trying.


7. Get a Makeover

It's time for beauty treatments! Maybe you're ready for a big change—thinking of chopping off all your hair or changing the color? Now's the time! Or try treating yourself to lash extensions, a pedicure, a new eyeshadow palette, or a facial. You're beautiful as is, but making changes is refreshing and makes us feel good, so Mother's Day is ideal for dolling up and getting glamorous with a new look. 


8. Have a Day In

All of this celebrating can be a little tiring, maybe you should just have a day at home, lying in bed or in the bath (with a glass of wine in hand) enjoying some solitary rest. Everyone needs a day off from time to time, especially hard-working Mamas! Stay in your PJs all day! Order takeout, watch your favorite movie, and enjoy the comfort of home.


9. Look Through Old Photos

One of the best ways I've bonded with my own mother and grandmothers over the years is just by listening. We pull out the photo albums and let the stories flowTell me about your first love, your favorite memory of your own mother, a time you got in trouble, and a time you had your heart broken. Tell me about your favorite aunt, how much you loved the dress in that photo, and your favorite cat from when you were 24. You'll easily be able to spend hours telling stories, and by the end, you'll know each other in a new way. 


10. Say Thank You

Regardless of how you show it, Mother's Day is for giving thanks. We thank our own mothers for all that they do, and of course, we thank ourselves! This list suggests lots of ways to say thanks with our actions, but don't forget to say it out loud as well! From the ladies at Mod Bettie: Thank you!


Tell us how you're planning on celebrating this Mother's Day!


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