Testimonial Tuesday: Jessica VanderLaan

Hey lovely! This glamorous babe is here to show us what a little Me Time can do...

If Jessica can find the time to spend a day getting dolled up and celebrating herself, anyone can. This busy gal hails from a small farm town in West Michigan and couldn't stay away from that happy rural ambiance as she now lives on her grandparent's farm nearby. She works her booty off (figuratively) as a 911 Dispatcher and also (literally) taking pole fitness classes at Flirt Fitness

"I look up to any woman... who is not afraid to be a badass bitch."

Jessica found Mod Bettie through word of mouth—several friends from Flirt Fitness had shoots, and Jessica soon wanted one of her own. She had a blast throughout her session, and she was anxious to see the final photos. As a hard working woman, Jessica devotes much of her time to her work as a dispatcher, so taking a moment for herself was refreshing.

"It was nice to have this moment just for me to feel special." 


Despite the fact that Jessica's hectic schedule doesn't allow a ton of wiggle room for hobbies and free time, she tries to enjoy as much Me Time as she can get, and her Mod Bettie photoshoot was exactly what she needed to celebrate her fabulous and sexy self.


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