Motivation Monday: Lauren Zulli

Lauren: the stunner with an eclectic soul, a love for the universe, and a passion for living connected.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Lauren lived and studied in several states before settling in Michigan over seven years ago. During her undergrad, she fostered a curiosity for the intricacies of the universe, studying Applied Mathematics and Physics & Astronomy. Continuing along that route, she moved to Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in mathematics and came to the realization that while mathematics is a universal language connecting us all to nature, she felt disconnected to her current path.

Making the difficult decision to halt her studies, Lauren moved back to Pennsylvania to reevaluate her plans and passions. She considered her true interests and how she could integrate them: the environment, people, connections, and design. All of these interests came together through sustainable design, and Lauren followed a new path to Duquesne University where she completed her MBA in Sustainability. She has since worked in Virginia and Michigan helping organizations push their sustainability strategy, before ultimately starting her own business as HOLOS Coaching & Consulting.


"This is such an amazing gift that we’ve been given—to have connected consciousness. The question then remains—how do we plan to use it?"


HOLOS means whole in Greek, and wholeness is the core of Lauren’s lifestyle and business model. She believes that we come into the world as complete beings, and after existing with her life in partitions for many years, she has a renewed focus on honing the gifts of health and wellness that she has been given. She strives to redesign her relationships and eliminate those things that no longer encourage her to live her best life.


"I felt like the world told us that we had to identify with one way of being—that’s it—but we are everything and nothing all at once."


The mission of HOLOS is to inspire and empower individual and organizational wellbeing through integrating and embodying wholeness. HOLOS believes wholeness is living as your truest self—authentically and connected. It’s about the intersections of our humanness + beingness and that we are all one, complete and part of the grander system.


What services does HOLOS offer? 


  • Private one-on-one yoga sessions + mindfulness coaching

  • Whole-Being Coaching

  • Authentic Leadership Coaching


  • Group + Team yoga, mindfulness, and meditation sessions + program development 

  • Group + Team Conscious Culture Coaching 

  • Conscious Leadership Coaching & Development


  • Individual, Group, and 360 Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Core Values + Unique Strengths Assessment 

  • Whole-Being Assessment


  • Workshops combine knowledge, tools, and exercised to stimulate interactive group learning.

  • Conferences drive a motivational agenda through movement, stillness, or learning.

  • Retreats combine nourishment, movement, and personal development to explore our mind-body connection. Locations and dates to be released mid-November

    Curious how coaching can work for you? Book your complimentary 60-minute session to find out!


Lauren + Mod B

Lauren discovered Mod Bettie through a women’s networking group, and she was immediately struck by the idea of getting in front of the camera. She had always been uncomfortable with being photographed, but when she met Elise, she felt relaxed. She booked the first of several sessions and never looked back.

“As a petite woman I struggled being behind the camera until I embraced my uniqueness.”  


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