Motivation Monday: Jillian Johnson

Here's Jill—inspiring life coach, energized yoga instructor, and stunning boss Bettie

A Grand Rapids native, Jill has known she wanted to help others for most of her life. After college, Jill put most of her focus into being the best parent she could be and her work as a dental hygienist. While she loved working with people, learning their stories, and making them feel comfortable through her work as a hygienist, she wanted to help people in a more directed way, and thus, her interest in life coaching was born.   


"I chose life coaching, because in my own life what had been most helpful for my growth was courageous action, and to me that is what coaching is—courageous action."

Following her certification in life coaching, Jill fell into yoga and realized it was the physical component she wanted to offer alongside her coaching services, and a year later she received her Registered Yoga Teacher 200 certification. 

"Jillian J Coaching came out of me wanting to provide the services of life coaching and yoga with my own personal spin on them."

Jill believes that our society lacks support for people to put themselves first, and she wants to change that. Within her coaching and yoga classes, Jill puts an emphasis on creating a path to turn your life around and end the suffering that comes with neglecting oneself. 


What sort of services does Jillian J Coaching offer? 

  • Weekly Yoga Classes: "I guide you through this union by offering small, intimate, vinyasa classes that give you space to breathe, move and connect to yourself in an authentic way."

  • Private Yoga Classes for those who may be just beginning their yoga journey, who may not feel comfortable practicing yoga around others yet, or who just want one-on-one training.

  • Single Coaching Sessions for clarity on a specific situation.

  • Insightful Action Package: A four-session journey to start on your path to a life that feels more free, connected, and mindful.

  • Enneagram Personality Test: Jill is trained through the Enneagram Institute and can administer the test to help those wanting to get to know themselves deeper.

"I am flexible with working with people where they are and creating sessions and programs for individual needs instead of a 'one size fits all' format."

"I find inspiration in anyone who is on the path to living an authentic life based on reality rather than social conditioning. "

Jillian J + Mod B

Jill first met Elise when the Mod Bettie diva came to Jillian J Coaching for a bit of life guidance, and the relationship grew when Jill purchased a generational photoshoot package for her mom's birthday. Jill loved the Mod Bettie experience that she shared with her daughter and her mom, and had to come back for her personal branding. 

"Elise made all of us feel like there was no one else more beautiful ... We felt so special."  



Jill's advice to the woman who needs confidence to make a big life change:

  1. Remember that change is difficult, and know that change is a process that continues even after you've decided to do something.

  2. "If you can allow and prepare for you brain to try to work against the next big move then you will have more success in the long run."

  3. Coaching will help with staying resilient; "A life coach is someone who will walk alongside you and has no preconceived notions of what you should or shouldn’t do like a well meaning friend or family member can."

"Trust yourself, believe in you and MOVE FORWARD! "


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