2019 Internship Program Application


If you love photography, makeup, fashion and women, we have an internship opportunity for you! Spend the semester empowering women and learning what it takes to run a successful small business. A Mod Bettie Intern will learn and be responsible for a variety of tasks. Depending on your particular internship you may learn skills such as assisting with producing, lighting and styling client portrait shoots; editing pictures and video; and maintaining dressing rooms, a wardrobe closet and the studio. With our marketing internship you can learn to help maintain website and social media accounts, create targeted campaigns and work as a team with copywriters and graphic designers. Looking to expand your resume and portfolio of writing or design? We have internships available for a copywriter and a graphic designer as well. Our event planning intern has the opportunity to work on coordinating events to empower women, promote social change, and inspire an inclusive atmosphere.

   Your job is to help enhance the Mod Bettie experience for every woman by creating a safe and supportive environment for female self expression.



Exact tasks vary according to your specialization. However, an example of common activities may include:


  • using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and Adobe editing software;

  • communicating with photographic subjects, putting them at ease, encouraging them and directing them;

  • arranging props, wardrobe, products, scenes, and backgrounds;

  • liaising with other professionals, including graphic designers, writers, videographers, etc.

  • managing the processing and use of images, discussing technical problems, checking for quality and dealing with client concerns;

  • packaging finished products, such as albums and matted prints;

  • understanding digital photography and keeping up-to-date with industry trends, developments and new techniques;

  • developing expertise with software to digitally enhance images by, for example, changing emphasis, cropping pictures, correcting minor flaws or moving objects around;

  • working with marketing to produce business cards, postcards and promotional materials as well as maintaining our website and social media accounts.

Is this role right for me?

For ALL intern roles, you will need to:

  • be willing to learn

  • be reliable and on time

  • be motivated and a self-starter

  • pay close attention to details

  • have excellent communication skills

  • create a good rapport with others and work as a team

  • ask for help when not understanding or stuck on something

Additional helpful skills for Photography/Videography Interns:

  • understand how to operate digital cameras for still shoots

  • be knowledgeable in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • be a problem solver, able to foresee and evaluate potential problems and deal with them calmly

Additional helpful skills for Marketing Interns:

  • possess working knowledge of different social media platforms, especially Instagram & Facebook

  • good proofreading skills

  • ability to understand and represent the voice of our brands

Additional skills for Copywriting Interns:

  • excellence in English, especially grammar and punctuation

  • excellent proofreading skills

  • ability to understand and represent the voice of our brands

Additional skills for Events/Special Projects Interns:

  • above average attention to detail

  • ability to understand and represent the voice of our brands

  • creative thinking for theme development

  • willingness to research and contact vendors for information and booking

Additional skills for Graphic Designer Interns:

  • be knowledgeable in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • experience in designing graphics for output to various platforms

  • ability to understand and represent the voice of our brands

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