Welcome to your Mod Bettie Portrait Session, we cannot wait to meet you!


Mini Sessions:

If you are doing your own hair and makeup please arrive ready to shoot. (Come early if you want to do any touch ups, feel free to use the dressing rooms to style yourself)

If you are having hair and makeup done by our stylist, please arrive to our downtown studio with DRY clean hair and face (if you want curls don't use a flat iron) at your scheduled session time ready to work with our stylist in selecting your wardrobe, props and accessories! Then head over to meet  our incredibly talented hair and makeup artist(s), for a complete makeover. After a quick wardrobe change you'll get a crash course on posing before finally making your debut in front of the camera. Plan on approximately 2 hours total at the studio. (An hour in hair and makeup, 20 minutes shooting in each outfit plus wardrobe/accessory changing time.)

Party Sessions:

Please arrive to our downtown studio with DRY clean hair and face (if you want curls don't use a flat iron) at your scheduled session time ready to work with our stylist in selecting your wardrobe, props and accessories! Then head over to meet Jennifer, our incredibly talented hair and makeup artist, for a complete makeover. After a quick wardrobe change you'll get a crash course on posing before finally making your debut in front of the camera. Plan on anywhere between 3-5 hours total at the studio depending on the number of girls you bring. Also feel free to bring any games, snacks and beverages that you'd like while you're waiting for your turn in hair and makeup and in front of the camera.

What to bring:

Our wardrobe collection is EPIC. You could literally show up with nothing and we'd probably have you covered! But take some time to think about how you want to be photographed. What's important to you? If there's anything you would love to be photographed in please don't hesitate to bring it along.  Having more options is never, EVER a bad thing! Pack a suitcase and we will help style you.


  1. Undergarments (Panties, bra, strapless bra, stockings, shapewear- nude is typically best but don't go get them. Simple black or white works too.)

  2. Heels/Dress shoes- Black goes with everything but if you're a shoe collector bring a few that you love and we will help you decide whats best for the outfits you choose. (Also, unless I'm shooting boudoir or pin up I almost never ever shoot feet, so no need to stress about this.)

  3. Jewelry that you love. Pack a little bag with a few favorites. If jewelry isn't your thing don't sweat it! I tend to focus more on YOU anyway :)

  4. Any photos of hair and makeup examples you want to share with your stylist.


Boudoir: When it comes to lingerie we do not carry pieces in our closet because, well, it’s an intimate thing to wear and share. Looking for somewhere to shop lingerie? Welcome to our beautiful Lingerie Boutique, Naughty Bettie! Located in our studio this space is a European inspired DREAM. We carry sizes XS to 4X with bra sizes up to 44 I.

Whatever you dream of, we’ve got you covered. (More than you’re lingerie does!)

Personal Branding: Please arrive at your scheduled session time. Click below and view our styling magazine with tips on how to dress your best! It never hurts to bring more than you think you’ll need if you are feeling unsure of what to wear. My biggest tip is to wear something form fitting and not baggy. Also think in layers. That way you can peel off a jean jacket to go from a more casual look to a button up collared shirt.

Mom & Me & Generations: I do have some options for young girls (mostly 8+ and mostly retro, polka dot dresses and many gorgeous modern tulle skirts) Sometimes we even use adult size small outfits and clamp them in the back. (We are very resourceful, plus what's cuter than a little one in your heels!) My suggestion would be to bring a variety of options for the little's (especially tops) that we can pair with the many options we have for mom.

99% of everything worn in these images is from our closet.




Talk to your family about styling and what your ideal look is for the shoot. These two images were from a full session with a wardrobe consult but this will give you an idea of what we have and how we styled them.  (If you are surprising someone be sure to either do some shopping for them or sneak out something from their closet). We also highly recommend RENT THE RUNWAY for affordable specialty outfits you can rent on the cheap.

I am absolutely always available by text or email if you ever want to shoot me pictures of things you're all considering so I can help give you advice.

Elise 517-449-1734 loveyourself@modbettie.com  (Avoid Facebook messenger especially to my personal page as I am trying to limit the places I need to keep tabs on!)


For this 4 Generations shoot we planned two looks. Fancy and fancy casual (yes I just made that up!) Then we focused on color. Something light and something dark. We went with a blush color because I knew we had the most options in our closet in that color scheme, plus it's absolutely timeless. The three younger girls (grand-daughter and two great-grand daughters) are all in something from our wardrobe. I have many tulle skirts in colors like ivory, pink, grey and plumb, just to name a few. I would recommend everyone come with a few fancy tops that we can pair with them if you're interested in the dreamy tulle look. Everyone does NOT have to be in the same color scheme by any means and I wouldn't necessarily recommend that everyone wear tulle. It just helps to have a focus or starting point when working with so many people. We knew that Grandma and Great Grandma would have a harder time finding something they love in our closet so I recommended they go to Macy's and try on a few things in that color scheme and they ended up bringing multiple options that we could help them choose from and returned what they didn't wear. (Who are we kidding I think we returned it all. Shhhh. ;)

Next we went with a slightly more casual look in all black because we knew it would be easy for everyone to bring something. I believe just two of the gals below are in something of ours. Grandma and one of the great grand daughters. Black is timeless and even Great Grandma in the more casual tank dress looks amazing.

If you are a much more casual family by all means go casual! I would just avoid being too matchy matchy. (jeans and all white tshirts for example) Don't be afraid of choosing the same color in varying hues. Avoid bold color patters but not patterns in solid colors.

How to prepare:

It sounds silly but stretching a few days before will help you in the weird and crazy poses you'll have to hold for abnormal lengths of time. I'm serious, I get texts the day after shoots all the time from gals with super sore muscles! Didn't think you'd have to get your workout on did you?!

Drink lots of water the week of your shoot, it will help with detoxing and bloating plus leave you with a natural glow.  Load on the chap-stick the week of as well, it will help your lips stay plump and colored.

Don't forget to paint those nails too. Red, pink or nude colors are all great options that can go with any wardrobe colors.

View our full Welcome packet in the online magazine below! (Hint: Turn your phone horizontal for easy reading.)


How to get here:

Our studio is located at the corner of Hall and Godfrey at 1111 Godfrey Ave SW Grand Rapids, 49503. Suite 440 It's the red brick warehouse on the corner (There is a door on the front that says Farm Link in the windows this is NOT the entrance) Parking is located behind the building in the loading dock and you will access it off of Hall St. The door at the loading dock is the entrance up the small flight of stairs, follow the signs to the 4th floor.
Call us if you have trouble! 517-449-1734




For parties only:

Please answer the questions below to help us better prepare for your arrival.

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