Click the video below for Behind the Scenes from one Seniors experience

Graduating high school is one of the most exciting times of your life! It’s a time to reflect and a time to look forward to everything that’s to come. You’re probably overwhelmed with all the photographers out there, but don’t worry; you are not alone. We are here to help! I have spent years searching for the perfect locations, and studying poses that show off our clients naturally & beautifully. Hours and hours have been spent researching the best lighting techniques to compliment the most high end styles.

Snapping a photo is easy, but directing a client and leading them confidently throughout their shoot is something entirely different. This is something we not only strive to do - we guarantee it with each and every client who graces the front of our cameras.

We work with each of our senior girls to create a unique portrait session they will be proud to show off days as well as YEARS after we are finished photographing! Instead of following trends, we have worked hard to create a style of our own that is chic and timeless. No detail is left to chance.