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Love Your Selfie

Join #SquadBettie to celebrate what we love the most this Valentines…. YOU!

This amazing event based on self love, self empowerment and the power of a good selfie!

Performances by Michee Rose and Hedy Harper !

Liz Nolan will help us embrace our inner sexiness though a tantric meditation class. Liz describes it like this:

Tantric Meditation:  The use of use of all five senses to move energy through your entire body and ignite your sexual energy.  This includes movement, visualization, vocals, awareness, focus and presence.  

Sexual energy is the strongest "energy" we have has human beings.  It is why we are all here and drives everything we do.  When you can connect fully to your own sexual energy, what you will attract, create and feel is pure love.  What this means is your connection to yourself and everything around you is uninhibited, free and authentic.  And yes....that means your lover too!

We have more power to create what we desire than most are aware of.  If you would like to raise your vibration and connect fully in your relationship to all things, come flow with me!”

We will also have representatives from About Face and Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness Co. as well as other exciting surprises!

We CAN’T WAIT to celebrate you and take a few selfies!