An Experience You'll Never Forget.

A full hour session all about you.

3 outfit swaps for plenty of variety.

Our exclusive magazine mailed to your door with all the details on how to prepare and what to bring.

Professional pose coaching by owner and photographer Elise Kutt.

3 unforgettable digital images complete with our signature magazine style retouching plus a print release.

An online gallery of 35+ images you can pick from & purchase after your shoot. Plus discounted product upgrades like our Album and Personal Magazine.

The utter confidence that you'll never, ever say the words, "I'm not photogenic" again.

Booking opens July 1 at 6am!




Roses are red

And violets are blue.

You're jaw-droppingly stunning.

Isn’t it time you remember that, too?

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Gift Card Packaging

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Hair and Makeup

——> I seriously recommend this upgrade!!!

Nothing will boost your confidence like an hour in the hair and makeup chair with one of our professional stylists! Sit back and relax while she lips and lashes you into stardom. Plus it’s such a great way to work out the nerves before stepping in front of the camera!

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Rush Processing

Didn’t book in time to gift your product to that special someone? Add this on to get moved to the front of the production line!

Typical turn around time for products is 3-5 weeks from design approval.

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Behind the Scenes Video

Re-live the experience and let us harness the confidence you felt into a video you can watch anytime you need that extra boost! Great for sexy Boudoir videos, Mom and Me memories and even Personal Branding.

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30 Minute Wardrobe Styling Session

Need access to our wardrobe closet and some help choosing outfits? Arrive 30 minutes before your session time to meet one of our stylists and try on outfits before choosing your favorites!

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It’s not just a photo shoot. Or putting on some cute clothes and getting your hair done (although those are pretty awesome things on their own).

The confidence you gain will last a lifetime.

The memories of how you felt will never fade. And the look on the face of your special someone when you share the photos is one you’ll remember forever. This is about finding the beauty deep inside you and bringing it to the surface.




Ten Reasons to Book your Mod Bettie Portrait Session


  1. You’ve really wanted to do something for yourself lately. Something as different, dynamic, and adventurous as you are.

  2. You can’t stop thinking about snapping a picture of you that shows off your inner beauty and femininity. You’re so sick of seeing all those pictures of you on Facebookstiff smile, awkward angle, bad lighting.

  3. You work so hard taking care of everyone on the entire planet except yourself. You’re ready to destress by getting dolled up. You’ve earned a day of pampering.

  4. You honestly can’t remember the last time you felt AND looked beautifuland that scares the hell out of you.

  5. You don’t think you’re photogenic. (We can’t wait to prove you wrong.)

  6. You need a helping hand (and lens) to find your confidence & carefree femininity again.

  7. You’ll finally have a reason to wear THAT dress. (You know which one we’re talkin’ about.)

  8. You’ve been hunting for that one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

  9. You’re stuck in a style rut, and want to know what you’d look like with an expertly-applied smokey eye.

  10. You’ve always wondered what it feels like to be a true model for a day.

  11. You know you need to let loose. Laugh. Be yourself. Dance around in your skivvies. And get it in pictures so you always have a reminder that you’re beautiful, as you are, right now in this moment. *


*Ok 11 is a BONUS

Join SquadBettie!

An exclusive online community for women supporting women.


Vodka welcome. Vulnerability encouraged. You've probably seen posts, read the comments and heard statements like, "Selfies are so vain," "Why does she take so many pictures of herself?" "Who does she think she is?" *THIS IS WHERE WE WAVE A GIANT RED FLAG IN THE AIR AND SAY, UH-UH, SISTER. NOT HAPPENING ON MY WATCH.* In a society that puts a camera in every hand but is quick to shame the selfie, our mission is to empower women by creating a safe and supportive environment for female self-expression. So help me vodka.

Fact. (<-- Said in the voice of Dwight from The Office) A Squad is a collective whose parts make a whole, complicated, dimensional, and beautiful. Raise yo' hand if you've ever been steamrolled by that nasty little two-headed shit-monster, JUDGEMENT. *wipes sweat from your brow* *prepares you to go back in the ring* Yea us too. All of the sudden all the amazing parts that make you whole are dissected and judged leaving a big gaping whole in your soul. But the thing is you aren’t parts. You are a totally BETTIE, the whole package and we need you. Because although we are occasionally outspoken and often brave, sometimes we need the stiff hand of a righteous Bettie to pull us through our self-sabotaging shit. 

We are perfectly flawed and have created this community for our friends, acquaintances and companions. For love, because always for love. This is a place for women to discuss, and find support, re body positivity and female empowerment. SquadBettie stands for Fempowerment, true acceptance, and building a supportive community. A true Bettie builds women up instead of bringing them down.

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